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Let's Talk Financial Literacy

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About The Band

Carter Hulsey is an Alternative-Rock/Americana singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Carter blends honest lyrics, catchy melodies and undeniable hooks to create a passionate, energetic live show he has performed all over the world.

Aside from his passion for music and the arts, Carter cares deeply about young people getting a fair chance at life. Because of this, he happily devotes his time and energy to Funding the Future.

Carter talks about dealing with “delayed gratification”. He lets the students know that they do not have to have what everyone else has, or the newest and best of everything. He assures the students they are already unique individuals with something to say and they should share it with the world. Slow and steady are key to their finances, and life will take them where they want to go!

Carter is able to show the students simple things they can do right away to get ahead in their finances. He covers the following topics:

  • Credit Score
  • Going to College
  • Buying a Car
  • Payday Lenders
  • Roth IRAs

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